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The dating pamphlets and pencils are to takes notes on your dates so you can remember who’s who after the event.After 3-5 minutes, a bell will sound signaling the end of the date.Gazing across a table of chocolate fondue into the eyes of your date while sipping on a warm “hug mug” of Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate is kind of hard not to enjoy.

Our events are 3 minutes -- I'd rather leave you wanting more than wanting to slit your wrists.Saturday, December 10th: Santa Con "Ho-ing for charity" It doesn't get much better than 1,000s of inebriated singles decked out in Santa gear merrily trollop-ing from watering hole to watering hole. Did I mention admission is just a ten dollar donation, which goes to charity.If you’re single on New Year's Eve you need to check out this singles party at Stitch Lounge.And trust me, there are always going to be some painful dates in the mix -- the ones that have nothing to say, or equally enjoyable, the ones who won’t shut up.I also recommend going with a company that guarantees a minimum of ten dates. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number Think about it: are you more likely to hit it off with someone because they fall within your same 28-35 age range, or because they meet your height requirement, enjoy the same pastimes or hobbies as you, and perhaps even share your same political views?

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    During our tests we found the profiles coming predominantly from Rural areas despite we being in an Urban area.

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    Now, moving on to his body orientation, he is a tall man with height of 6 feet and 1 inch.

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    Belmont started as an intern producing audio content for CNET Networks.