Carbon dating and christianity

Again, I think the whole exercise was performed for the promotion of tourism to Rennes-le-Château and to add spice to Kurtis’ programme.

If there could be any manuscript evidence that could connect what happened in the Rennes-le-Château region with anything remotely resembling the Scrolls at Qumran, I would find this a big plus in connecting an earlier possible find of Qumran manuscripts, like that in the 8th century which so influenced the ideology of the Jewish Karaites, with the creation and ideology of the Templar movement.

That was my one and probably only interest in the project which, aside from that, seemed highly speculative and not a little phantasmagoric.

The Tour Magdala, Rennes-le-Château © Andrew Gough 2.

Bill Kurtis, respected American presenter of Again, even though we had applied to the DRAC on several occasions to pursue some of the results of the earlier ground scans, we were never successful.

Whatever occurred on this second trip (I think it was in 2004-05 – my chronological memory is not exactly precise here, but the sequence is clear) occurred under the auspices of the Mayor. We knew we could not dig or ‘excavate’, as you call it, and therefore we did not bring Harry Jol and his group along.

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