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» learn more So many people with disabilities dream of getting married, but like everyone else with the same dream, challenges can arise.Resources include real-life stories of individuals with developmental disabilities on their paths to marriage.

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This social relationship can be very important in people’s lives, and there are many ways to learn about starting, maintaining and building long-lasting friendships.But our connection had been instant and it deepened very quickly.When the intense feeling between us shallowed and then vanished almost as instantly as it began, following an all-in courtship that involved traveling to visit his family (twice! Related: Girl Talk: I Always Ask The Big Questions Paul has mild autism (meaning he’s on the highly functioning end of the autism spectrum).When he got up to read his prose, he went from being the weird guy who caught my eye to “Holy crap, who is this person and why is my heart pounding so much?” Thirty minutes later, he was telling me he was autistic, signing a copy of his book for me, with his phone number jotted down in chicken scratch, and we were making plans to hang out the next day. Paul’s autism, at first, seemed almost like a gift.

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