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Bagger again won the South Australian Amateur in 20.Bagger felt she had taken her amateur career as far as it could go and was looking to turn professional.

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On 9 February 2005, the Ladies Golf Union also announced a policy change allowing Bagger to compete in the Women's British Open. In 2010, the LPGA amended their bylaws and removed the 'female at birth' entry condition.

WGA chief executive Maisie Moonie said Bagger had spent time discussing the issues with many professionals who took up the invitation to talk to her on the final day of the Open in Sydney.

"There'll always be some people who are uncomfortable with this situation, but by and large, the players are supportive," said Moonie.

"I sold up everything that I owned in Australia to fund this year and I have nothing but friends and family, but now I feel rich," she told reporters.

There have been only a handful of high-profile cases of transsexuals making it on to a sport's professional tour, with American Renee Richards, formerly Richard Raskind, playing on the WTA tour in the 1970s and Michelle Dumaresq competing in mountain bike racing for Canada.

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