Dating sabbatical

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(Miss) The Runaway: As I mentioned on the earlier this week, SCE did not turn on my electricity on Monday like they said they would.

Needless to say, I was disappointed to find myself standing in the middle of a very dark apartment, weighed-down with bags from Bed, Bath and Beyond at PM that night. I took my phone to my car to start charging it and I walked down to the local bar to find a book of matches.

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) The Craigslist Guy: In an attempt to clean out the garage of my previous apartment, I listed my old Jeep’s Soft Top on Craigslist.

I only received one “bite” from a weathered-looking, military man who appeared to be roughly twice my age. ) and then I mentioned to him that I would likely be selling my ‘09 Jeep in the near future and to let me know if he is interested.

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Let’s see…maybe he has a girlfriend and she really doesn’t like him talking to other girls.

Maybe he just found out that his sister is in the hospital having a baby.

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