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Just look at the graph above, it may look complex but essentially short and steep bikes sit top left, long and slack bikes sit bottom right.

looking at extremes, the Pole EVOLINK and Nicolai Geo Metron are in a world on their own.

I have been riding for over 20 years but I have never won an EWS, I enjoy racing but am not a pro.

I love chucking myself down super steep trails and buzzing wheels, but I also like a mellow ride with friends too.

In an innuendo filled editorial I will be riding the long Pole for a full season, from enduro races to home trails to day-long mountain epics.

Sometimes there will be timing and back to back runs against more conventional bikes, uphill, downhill and everything in between it’s time for an unbiased expose on how the radical geometry sits as an all round bike for Mr Average, to see if size matters, or if it’s just what you do with it.

Saying that short chainstays makes a bike agile is a bit like saying that eating fish will make you smarter – there’s more to it than that. But have some of the more extreme bikes gone too far?We hand one over to Mr Average to find out if the radical concepts deliver on the trails.With a 1314 mm wheelbase it’s a whopping 14.2 cm longer than a Large Canyon Spectral, 12 cm longer than a Santa Cruz Nomad, damn, I may even need a new bike rack for the car!Mixed in with those ample proportions are long 456 mm chainstays to keep the rider weight centred and a super efficient 77.5 degree seat angle, these are radical and exciting proportions, a worthy mistress indeed.

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