Disabled devotee dating

So I finished with my braces, and removed my limp feet one at a time from my three-inch pumps.

I left the braces on the bed, shoes attached, hoping they would spark interest in Cindy and she would want to at least try them.

Rick’s curiosity of wheelchair lovers is paying off. And except for a few kisses, there has been no intimacy between them.

She has never even been out of her wheelchair when she’s around him.

The only thing may be it fitting too tight around her leg, since my legs are so thin. So right after work we head to my house in our separate cars.

She’s had a better head start on that than I did, because she’s only been a paraplegic for a few years after an accident left her paralyzed.

The only difference is her wheelchair easily collapses so she can load the chair into her car after she gets in.

She just has to re-assemble it when she gets where she’s going which only takes a few minutes.

She joined the group for support and we became instant friends.

She tells me I am brave wearing skirts and dresses all the time with high heels and nylons, showing off my thin legs.

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