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It's another box ticked for me in terms of potential compatibility.

If someone states they're vegan it's something you have in common and can talk about.

And a vegan’s lifestyle choices trickle down to what they wear to who they love.Especially places to go to eat.” As he had a long-term relationship with someone who ate meat, his veganism hasn’t caused problems in dating but he says it could “ limit potential date or restaurant choices.But if it was an issue for them we probably wouldn't even get to the stage of arranging a date.” But the picture seems more complex for those who use vegan dating websites.And as Michael Carter, the president of the Passions Network dating empire which runs the Vegan Passions website points out that there is even wide variation in veganism itself."There are members who were are vegetarian and who are trying to move to a completely Vegan diet. "As to the question of whether or not one might draw some conclusions about someone simply because they follow a ‘vegan diet’, the answer is definitely yes and no.

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    Chemistry alone won’t guarantee you a great relationship but if you have it, you’re streets ahead of the couple who don’t.

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