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If there wasn’t a clearly identified situation that occurred that is responsible for the breakup, it may be a surprise to him.Having some explanation about why you decided to stop dating may help him put the relationship in perspective.Here are 10 common things women feel should mark the end of a relationship that usually shouldn’t.Shutterstock Changing careers obviously comes with plenty of practical issues like financial and scheduling matters but it can also take a huge toll on a person’s ego: you can go from the manager at one company to coffee-runner in your new line of work, or even intern!"That may make for a smoother exit, but it can leave the other party's head spinning." Comments like those also make you wonder if everyone in the dating scene is looking for "love at first sight." (Hint: Not necessarily.) "Ambiguity and uncertainty come up again and again as major challenges in contemporary dating, therefore I'd advise against euphemism or subtlety," Dr. That said, being honest isn't a license to be unkind.

shutterstock Usually sudden and increasing weight gain is a result of an imbalance in your life—perhaps in your career or your friendships or your romantic relationship even.Also, if you think there is a chance he may become angry he would be less likely to express that in a public setting.Be honest, but not in a hurtful way, about why you are ending the relationship.He knows you well and can help you pinpoint the emotional or mental issues that are causing this, and can be a pillar of strength while you make the changes necessary to get your life and weight back on track.And he would probably be devastated to know that you left him all over some body changes!

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