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There are certain things that customers are just flat out better at than you, and one of the things they can be quite good at is understanding their peers’ needs.

To quote Steve Jobs: This is certainly true in some instances, as it can be rewarding for brands to give their customers things they didn’t know they needed before they even ask (i Pod anyone? Research says customers DO know what they want in many situations.

Reciprocity can be summed up as our natural inclination to feel grateful for favors and our desire to “pay them back,” no matter how small they are (covered quite well by Cialdini in his famous book ).

The other thing that you must understand about reciprocity is that research has shown us that the intentions of the “giver” can affect the perceived value of the gift.

The critical findings of their research can be summed up as follows: Let’s break these down, shall we?

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Not only that, in a Customer Experience Report by Right Now, researchers found that the #1 reason customers would abandon a brand was due to poor quality and rude customer service, which were cited 18% more often than “slow or untimely service.” The results seem clear: Good service trumps fast service every time, in both customer retention and satisfaction.This is why “Frugal WOWs” work so well: Customers perceive the service as a genuine act of kindness rather than as you trying to with costly gifts.So remember, it doesn’t take huge expenses to win customers over!As she tells it, “So I put them on hold, and I ordered them a pizza.About 30 minutes later, we were still on the phone, and there was a knock on their door. They were so excited.” What’s actually happening: While the cost of the gifts/actions is quite small, the human mind simply cannot refuse the psychological construct of reciprocity.

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