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They are intensely interested in a western man's wealth and position, and little else.

Unfortunately, my buddy is just a handsome young guy with great songwriting skills and a sense of humor.

Later on in the evening , an overzealous fan named Gemma managed to snap this shocking photo of Horan allegedly kissing a cute mystery brunette! One Directioners quickly started freaking out on Twitter.

Some denied that the smooch even happened: @drunk Nx: "The aussies that posted those pictures of niall and mel said they were kissing but they actually weren't! " @emma_25_: "Niall kissing Melissa, there's proof, pics, ppl actually saw them doing that... *crickets, crickets* this is reality..." @The_Styles_: "not gonna believe the niall & melly 'kissing' rumours until either i see a clear, not photshopped pic of it or niall confirms it himself." @One Drecti0n Fans: "Niall has a girlfriend, Niall and Melly kissing, #Congrats Niall And Melissa." @MASIE_MOFO_1D_: "whoever that Melisisa Anne is who was caught kissing Niall Horan she's an idiot. #hate Melissa Anne." The chick that Horan was "flirting" with does actually have a name - Melissa Anne Whitelaw.

There were rumours cropping up that While the actress was quick to rubbish off the engagement rumours, the Trisha-Rana Daggubati romance saga seems to have caught the eye of the media now.

It is well known that Trisha and Rana were dating on and off for quite some time, before few months back their relationship grew sour and they broke up.

In the 2014 NHL draft, he was signed to a three-year, entry-level contract by the Nashville Predators.

Grapevine has it that the problems in Trisha-Rana romance cropped up when Rana grew close to Ragini.

The Swiss native is actually the son of Czech parents. Gallen, Switzerland follwing his father’s footsteps. His dad, Jan played professional hockey in the Swiss lower leagues.

And apparently, Niall Horan managed to find some love "down under!

" The 21-year-old singer was spotted taking a break from touring with his pals at a local Aussie bar. So - does the "Story of My Life" crooner have a new girlfriend, or did he simply indulge in a sexy groupie hook-up.

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