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I'm not a member of directsex, but I could imagine that they could piss off a lot of people if they do that in a private chat. That would affect the other studios affiliated with directsex - those who actually do something. Since a little while former jallene and former jassica are on CC either. ( I'm still waiting a cathegoric answer: May I post CC stuff here? ) I have few - Darine ( darina) - Aryanne ( jazmin) - Denize ( kaci) Jallene and Jassica I'm working on it. This thread is in GENERAL CHAT and I would hate to see it get deleted because of postings that don't belong here.Having the fraudsters on board would be a bad deal for them. Anyways Weird, dude, the only way you will EVER, EVER, see any of the models in the Sibiu studio cunts is if your a multi millionaire, spend lots of money on them, fly your self or fly them over to you, wine and dine them, buy them some shit for a while, and then after all that, get them to your bed room, pull there panties off, spread there legs and see it then. Instead, please post it elsewhere on this forum and then make a post in this thread with the links. Sure enough, it was the pic of Kate from Kate's Playground. Unfortunately the picture is stolen from a photo set of Kate and Danytzza looks nothing like her.Secret brings you the complete experience: a huge selection of top Live Cam models willing to satisfy your every fantasy.Besides, we offer a video portal with over 5000 porn clips which you can browse at your discretion.

do you like jokes-Mickey Mouse is having a nasty divorce with Minnie Mouse. Do anyone know if Rasha has done nude modeling (pic/mov)?And does she go by other names besides those listed? Jules i also known as Clara at where she has done som nice pic sets https:// Many girls from one specific studio has moved to the directsex site. but,i really miss the one I got,way back when you wore the cowboy hat. stroking,stroking,stroking,oops,making the keys on my keyboard stuck is my sticky goooooooo ooooooo sure wish I could squirt it in you! yep,nope-I suppose it is probally about time to delete me again,huh baby!

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