Left 4 dead 2 auto updating trainer

- Prevent a crash if a material overflows the index buffer.

- Zombie population fixes for Left 4 Dead 1 Mutation modes.

The following cheats and codes are available for Left 4 Dead, the first-person shooter video game on the personal computer (PC).

You must first activate the cheat console from within the game's menu to use cheats.

go to your main l4d2 folder (Where the left4dead2is) and you will se a folder called bkp, open this and go to the update folder (bkpupdate)...

Hi again Razzorx, here is a couple of things you can try to sort this out.... go to left4dead2/left4dead2/cfg and look for server.cfg, if you have one edit this file with txt editor and make sure there is nothing here that says or refers to mutation3... if you cant find anything in telling your game to autostart a bleedout game tthen do this..

Enter once to turn on and enter again to turn off Cheat code: thirdperson_mayamode Change Zombie Health Cheat code: z_health Sets the maximum amount of regular zombies Cheat code: z_common_limit Enables/Disables never ending panics Cheat code: director_panic_forever 0/1Forces a panic event Cheat code: director_force_panic Change Zombie Speed Cheat code: z_speed Spawns 1 Zombie Cheat code: z_spawn zombiegives pipebomb Cheat code: give pipe_bombgives propanetank Cheat code: give propanetankgives oxygen tank Cheat code: give oxygentankgives molotov Cheat code: give molotovgives gascan Cheat code: give gascangives you first aid kit Cheat code: give first_aid_kit Spawns a lighted molotov right on the floor under you Cheat code: fire Spawns a active pipebomb under you Cheat code: boom Sets the number of seconds until the player loses control of the Tank from not attacking survivors Cheat code: z_frustration_lifetime Disables/enables controllable Boss Infected on any map Cheat code: director_no_human_zombies 0/1You can unlock achievements while using cheats (after entering sv_cheats 1, enter retry so that it will restart the game with the cheats on)Cheat code: retry Gives Ammo To Your Primary Weapon Cheat code: impulse 101Just like god but you receive damage (sometimes if you are the only survivor left you can't receive damage from infected)Cheat code: buddha 1Amount of damage you want to do to survivors Cheat code: z_pounce_damage Xx= desired entity to give to your bot teammates (the console should give you a list)Cheat code: sb_give XXXXx= amount of speed that you want for the smoker's tongue to fly Cheat code: tongue_fly_speed Xx= desired amount of damage to pounce through doors Cheat code: z_pounce_door_damage XMakes your bot teammates shoot nonstop Cheat code: sb_openfire or open_fire (console will tell)Be sure to check out more Left 4 Dead cheat codes for the PC.

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