Lisa lampanelli dating

“I know a lot of people over the years have had weight-loss surgery but not admitted it,” said Lampanelli, 55. I couldn’t wait to tell everybody about it.”Fans can ask her about the weight -- or anything else — during a 45-minute Q-and-A that’s part of her act.“I talk about my struggle with it in a fun way. “We were all ridiculous.”Her frank approach extends to her sex drive — she doesn’t have one.She sums up her dating history as “40 years of that and all I got is a stiff neck and a yeast infection.Comedian Lisa Lampanelli says talking frankly has freed her and helped her act whether the topic is weight loss, sex drive or Donald Trump.“I’ve always been a take-chances kind of comic.I never held back on anything,” said Lampanelli, who plays Hard Rock Live Orlando on Friday, the day Trump becomes president. I’ve been getting more standing ovations than ever.”Trump has a prominent part in her act because she competed on season five of “The Celebrity Apprentice” in 2012. “He respected me, he treated me great on the show, but I’ve got funny stories, so I’ve got to talk about it.”She says she hasn’t heard from Trump but credits the NBC reality show for bolstering her name recognition.“I did it so I could prove comics are smart, and we’re not dirty-talking idiots that tell jokes,” she said.Today was the first day I had been on in a few years, and I felt that I had really been missing it, it was great. I have just as much respect for somebody if they get up there and they happen to be a frivolous and funny girl or guy.

It used to be that in media, Johnny Carson used to be the most important person when he would invite you over to sit on the couch after your comedy skit. There is no one that has ever made me feel more good about myself or when I feel accepted or funny; when Howard laughs at a joke, you know you've earned it.I personally feel that my views come out most when I'm talking about my play, food, weight issues, and things like that.Other than that, I don't find myself wanting to preach too much.” Naturally, this made a lot of people extremely uncomfortable.Up until this point, Dunham – who again, was only in a photo with Lampanelli – was silent about the n-word controversy.

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