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Some women might be afraid of coming off demanding ... " — teaching us all the importance of letting our proverbial freak flags fly. Five years after a chance encounter in an airport, at which point they are both otherwise romantically linked, Harry and Sally bump into each other in a bookstore, decide to meet for coffee, and bond over their recent breakups.

They enjoy spending time together and encourage one another to move on from their past relationships.

Bonnie and I were on a panel together during a dedication of a theater to my best friend, Robin Williams.

We hit it off, so I asked her if she would be interested to be part of the tour and it’s been great.

Harry, simultaneously sanctimonious and endearing, proclaims that men and women can never be friends.

Sally, both uptight and adorable, staunchly disagrees.

Ryan regularly sought to explore new territory outside of her well-worn but popular persona as a dizzy romantic stereotype, and she garnered some positive feedback for a SAG-winning performance as an alcoholic in "When a Man Loves a Woman" (1994) and a U. When the scandal blew over and enough time had passed, she sought to reclaim her leading actress status, but by reinventing herself in more mature roles as middle-aged moms in comedic crisis.

Met while filming "Innerspace" (1987) Engaged in 1989 Married Feb.

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He was an amazing guy who loved performers and I think I made 0 a week or something.I was dumbstruck and surprised something like that could happen. It was a great honor to be the host of the Oscars nine times and I feel honored to be mentioned with the great Bob Hope as someone who hosted so many times. A: The idea came many years ago in 2001 right after 9/11.I was asked to do a fundraiser in Seattle for kids who had lost their parents in the towers. It’s a good way to introduce a lot of stand-up and sit-down material.When it comes to laughs and roles you will never forget, iconic comedian, actor and author Billy Crystal stands far taller than his 5 foot 7. We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of our first date, a Mets game.From his first days as a stand-up comic, to his TV role on the groundbreaking TV series “Soap” and his “mahvalous” stint on “Saturday Night Live,” to starring film roles in “When Harry Met Sally” and “City Slickers,” the New York native has had fans laughing till it hurt and still wanting more. Good health for me and my family is all I want and good audiences, and I have had those on this tour for sure. Q: You and your wife are setting records when it comes to celebrity couples who have enjoyed a long, happy marriage. I was in Australia and she was home in LA, but we celebrated the occasion when I got back.

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