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It is OK if you make some jokes, but of course it should not be targeting one person or one ethnic group in an humiliating way.

I mention this because there are common jokes in Afghanistan with particular reference to some ethnic group, especially to minorities. For example, jokes that might offend women include ones which have any sexual topic or material in it.

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Questions on marital status of the women should be avoided, especially in front of others, as this is considered rude.It is documented that at least one person from each family has been lost in war in the last 23 years.They are interested in talking about Islam and are curious about your religion but this is not a topic for discussion for a first meeting.People who lived in the main cities, mentioned above, are more open-minded and considerate of different cultural issues within their own communities and with other groups.As far as keeping a distance, it is always wise and more acceptable that you keep a proper distance, meaning just be as close to the person as he/she can hear you and you can hear them.

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