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Alsothere will be alot of Wales hauliers as he took a fair few by the Severn bridge.

Thanks for the other comments,should be something for everyone in these pics.

Also, what is it about Mary Janes Farm that first caught your attention and brought you to us in the first place? To get your site listed or to update your listing, simply send an e-mail to [email protected] was the last time you went to the post office and mailed something that wasn't a mail-order return? Here's a place where you can share ideas for chapter projects.

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People can also swap photos with complete strangers and enjoy the excitement of anonymity.

This forum is for us all to indulge in a little nostalgia and remember with rose coloured glasses how much better it was in the olden days I have been kindly sent some lovely old photos from a friend who has been taking photos of trucks for years. I think people will enjoy these as there are loads of old companies that are long gone,and companies you totally forgot about. Having taken my HGV in Redruth in 1973 I stayed and worked out of Cornwall for a year and went past there yard lots of times, they did a lot of china clay up the country in bulk as well as pallets.

The pictures were taken at different locations,so people may recognise some landmarks. Always remember a café with a long layby in Somerset before motorways, think that started at Taunton back then and a break round Bristol, anyways it was a favourite haunt for R&O drivers as there was a pub almost next door to the café so ideal place to stop overnight, something I rarely did as IIRC I was running on two logbooks back then.

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