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If you are interested in the latest progress towards the establishment of the new Federation for Informatics Professionals in Health & Social Care (Fed-IP) organisation –please visit There was a launch of the Fed-IP under the banner of “Well Connected” as part of UK e Health week at Olympia in May 2017.

However nothing was announced about the formal registration of health informatics professionals being assessed against a published set of standards of competence and conduct.

Contact UKCHIP if you have a concern or wish to make a complaint about a registered health or social care informatics professional The UKCHIP Education Quality Assurance Scheme incorporates a register of accredited qualifications, training and courses which have met the criteria which support registration as a health and social care informatics professional As previously notified in December 2016, when the UKCHIP stopped taking new registrations and renewals, the public register of Health Informatics professionals will close in early February 2018 once all current registrations expire.

UKCHIP will close as an organisation as soon as this is practicable.

We understand a “Level Zero register” is being set up but to date there are minimal defined criteria for joining this list.

The delegates approved changing the organization’s name to American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), but the proposed logo was not approved.Here's how you responded: Of six new names presented, the American Society of Safety Professionals was preferred.Global members felt the word “American” is relevant to the quality of safety.“Working together for a safer, stronger future” was unanimously approved as the tagline.Members felt a positive connection to the shield and the color green. Any major change, however exciting, is sure to raise a few questions. If you have more questions after reading this section, please feel free to contact us.

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