Richard gere who is he dating

“It tends to bring out the worst in people.” Gere flares.

He’s a regular guy, he insists, his marriage normal, the stresses and strains the same as anyone else’s.

He was vice-president of the student council for two years. Says boyhood friend Chuck Parry “So to protest fraternities, we started our own, the Royal Order of the Mystic Carp.” Gere and Parry cleaned up “a whole bunch of fish bones and wore them to school on necklaces,” earning a summons to the dean’s office. On a dare, he arrived at auditions for a student production of The King and I and announced that he would accept only the lead.

He got it, and in the process he found his calling. “Acting let him out.” At the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Gere tried out for the lead in a postmodern Hamlet.

“There’s an element of self-loathing in most actors that makes them want to be someone else,” says Hermes, explaining why Gere acts.

Gere grew up middle-class; that’s the self he loathes. “They’d be ducking under caterers’ trucks, diving out of windows, falling like coconuts from the trees. It was scary and poignant and hilarious.” Straight men like the indestructible rumor that Gere is gay, because it reduces his threat.

His faith speaks to him, answering the questions he asks himself “Why am I here? So I was looking forward to seeing Gere on the one path that has brought him closer to nirvana. So Gere was press-free that week in Mundgod, as he watched the Dalai Lama perform a Kalachakra Initiation, one of the most complex and beautiful Buddhist rites.

The deal is, no tape recorder, no notebook, no quotes.

He grimaces as he shrugs off his coat and sits down for lunch at Il Cantinori, a Tuscan restaurant he favors a few blocks from his Greenwich Village penthouse.

It is three days before Christmas, but Richard Gere isn’t feeling festive. A month before, he’d finished work on First Knight, a period romance shot in England in which he plays Lancelot to Sean Connery’s King Arthur and Julia Ormond’s Guinevere; all that horseback riding and broadsword fighting sent the forty-fiveyear-old actor to a chiropractor. A week after Gere returned to New York, he and his wife, Cindy Crawford, issued a joint statement admitting they’d split up during the previous summer.

Their relationship, long the subject of an inquisition by the media, has now become carrion.

And unlike Lancelot, Gere can’t fight his way back to Camelot.

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