Safari favicon not updating

Remember, the best way to edit your theme's files is via a Child Theme.

For the purpose of the following instructions you will need to create a copy of your parent theme's file in your child theme.

It avoids having to reload the favicon every time for those that clear their history after every session and don't have a site bookmarked but visit it often.. While not perfect FF favicon handling is quite robust.

Some sites load favicons using old html methods and some sites load multiple favicons by examining aspects of the user (e.g., browser). The reason for the time delay from what I've read is to improve the performance of the browser. I believe the reason it isn't updated is he visits the site quite often resetting the favicon expiration time and, even though he deletes history, there can be up to a 24 hour delay before the actual favicon is removed from places.sqlite.

To prepare the image to be saved as favicon.ico: If you're using an online service to create your favicon, such as (creates 24bit with a transparent background) or Dynamic Drive, follow the instructions provided by the site and then download the image to your computer.

This increases your brand recognition and helps you build trust among your audiences.This method needs you to make sure your source image already has a transparent background, which means it should be a GIF or a PNG. The one difference in the code is instead of use or Other things have published right away and I would think that once I hit publish, it should show up on the website within 5 minutes since it is a small thing.A favicon (short for "favorite icon") is an icon associated with a website or webpage intended to be used when you bookmark the web page.Web browsers use them in the URL bar, on tabs, and elsewhere to help identify a website visually.

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