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King Ahmose was a late contemporary of the Hyksos King Apepi of Avaris (c.1585-1545) and of the last Hyksos King Khamudi (c.1545-1535).There is literary evidence for the contemporaneity of King Kamose the predecesssor of King Ahmose and Apepi of the Hyksos.There is at least 100 years between the date of the Cycladic island eruption of Thera in the Middle Bronze Age as calculated by Archaeology and the Radiocarbon date.Yet both Archaeology using stratigraphy and pottery seriation and radiocarbon dating with Bayesian statistics give correct dates in other geographic areas and eras.

King Ahmose would not have erected a 1.8m stela at Karnak except for a notable event, " then the sky comes in a tempest..... The King was in Dendera at the time of the darkness and the storm, He then moved back to Thebes about 70 km away, This massive tempest was associated with the Thera eruption.

That is no earlier than King Ahmose reign 1551-1526.

The Thera pumice at Avaris from Thutmosid phase C2 ( 1430 BCE) may be a collection of abrasive material stored for later use.

The LM IA period continued for a little time after the eruption and a longer time before the eruption.

When a date for the eruption is agreed upon the LM IA period should be sub-divided into LM IA The pumice from Thera numbering over 400 pieces has New Kingdom provenance..

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