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However, when you turn on the batch update behavior, the Row Updating event is raised as in previous case but Row Updated event is raised after the entire batch is updated.

If we set the batch size to 10 then Row Updating will be raised for 100 times where as Row Updated will be raised only for 10 times.

As you might have guessed this is not efficient while dealing with large number of rows.

Fortunately Sql Data Adapter allows you to execute updates in batches. number of rows to be treated as a single batch via Update Batch Size property.

Fill(ds, "My Table"); private void da_Fill Error(object sender, Fill Error Event Args e) property can control the action to be taken with the current and remaining rows to be updated after an error; an error can be thrown, the current row can be skipped, or all remaining rows can be skipped by setting the Sql Data Adapter da; // ...

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I've put a bounty on this question because it's a problem I have had regularly since the days of 1.1 and I feel there must be a better solution to this than hacking the table adapter after I instantiate it. However you can use the extended method to wrap the Row Updated event and expose it to other classes (ie My Row Updated) The extension I have a possible alternative.

Then we set the Updated Data Source property of the Sql Command property to enumerated value of Update Row Source. The Updated Row Source property can control how the values returned from the data source are mapped back to the Data Set.

Setting this property to a value of None is necessary when using batch update feature of Data Adapter.

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