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The source data has four cities, and we only want Boston and Los Angeles available in the slicer The slicer shows all the items, and we can't hide the cities that we don't want to use. Name) Set si Short = Nothing On Error Resume Next Set si Short = sc Short. Name) On Error Go To err Handler If Not si Short Is Nothing Then If si Short. If you check the slicer on the short list sheet, it should have changed, to show the same city (or cities) selected. The zipped file contains macros, so enable macros to test the slicers.Instead, we'll create another pivot table, with just the short list of cities, and use programming to change the selections in the main slicer. After you purchase the Excel User Forms for Data Entry material, you may return it for any reason, within 30 days. Slicers were introduced in Excel 2010, and they make it easy to change multiple pivot tables with a single click.Our naming convention for our CSV files is now built.Now, we want to save the Excel file in the correct format and exit Excel.The Excel User Forms for Data Entry licence is for a single (1) user.

In addition to that, once the format is in CSV, we have multiple options to insert the data into a SQL Server database.

While we're at it, let's wrap our code in a function that we can call where we'll enter the Excel file name and the location we want to drop the CSVs into: Finally, if we want export multiple Excel files, we'll get all the Excel files in a specific location by filtering on the Excel extension and storing the results in a variable ($ens below this).

If an Excel add-in is acting peculiarly (or not at all), it's often because Excel is broken in some way.

In Excel 20, you'll have to build a pivot table, based on the city list, before you can create the slicer. Private Sub Worksheet_Pivot Table Update _ (By Val Target As Pivot Table) Dim wb As Workbook Dim sc Short As Slicer Cache Dim sc Long As Slicer Cache Dim si Short As Slicer Item Dim si Long As Slicer Item On Error Go To err Handler Application. Enable Events = False Set wb = This Workbook Set sc Short = wb.

The following procedure uses the File System Object to list in the active worksheet the files in a folder.

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