Updating kitchen cabinets on a budget

So if you’re scared to paint cabinets, I say just do it.

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Copper banded brushes have plastic under the copper, which won’t disintegrate when wet, thereby lasting a long, long time and washing out much cleaner. You have to go slow, do multiple coats, allow plenty of drying time…and that doesn’t include prepping your surface. I also recommend allowing amply dry time between coats.We got rid of the brown and black, and brought in whites, grays, and navy blue, with a lot of clean lines.Our new faucet is brushed nickel, so I chose brushed nickel cabinet hardware.I searched Pinterest for inspiration before choosing a style I liked, then contacted D. Like I said, demo costs money, so we opted to keep our existing cabinets and make faux open shelving instead.By simply removing the cabinet doors and hardware, we created the look we were going for.

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