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If you change line 58 to your email address Mail Form will send you an email with all the name/value pairs.This is striped down from an "order" form including several donations and a set of 8 Membership levels. As shown what I want to do is change the "item name" from Membership to include the membership level in addition to checking other user inputs.i ahd to go to the task manager and shut down the program.Please help as this is the final piece to complete my form.To check for the possibility of the user leaving the entire group unchecked, an additional if statement only needs to test the variable "found_it" for a value of null. Remember - comparison operators compare two operands for equality. The not operator evaluates a null value in the same way it evaluates a false value, so it can be used to test found_it to see if it has been assigned a value.

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I know there might be lot of duplicates, but I've tried them all to no avail. If I reduce the radio inputs to a "set" of one radio button then the value is visible in the script - if selected.In any case the action server receives the value of any selected radio button.HI I am new to adobe acrobat, I am creating a form with a bunch of required text fields, radio button and check boxes.I would like to know if anyone can help me fins a way of making sure all the required fields are entered before i allow them to print & save?

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