What to do about an intimidating boss

If we’re resenting the treatment, feeling misused and abused, focusing on the fact that our rights are being violated, chances are our reactions to this person are making the problem worse. You may start with something like: "I wonder if I could ask a consideration of you.

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It feels like bullying, but does not have the important variable of targeted and deliberate sabotage, and the person isn’t singled out for threats and humiliation.Let’s look at some relationship issues on the job that many of us face, have faced, or will face.These are situations that are not always black and white, and require God’s wisdom to deal with successfully.He also felt it was time to leave and find a situation where he was respected for his abilities and could count on the support of his boss and team members. While this definition is helpful, it does not get at the heart of the type of workplace aggression the caller reported.In this case it became clear that the boss believed it was good business practice to frighten his employees and pit them against one another.

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