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Or Andy didn't want to give her time to really let loose…[Photo Credit: Bravo TV.com]TELL US – WHAT DID YOU THINK OF SHEREE' S APPEARANCE ON WWHL? and it’s not like they asked him to scrub the marble floors with his nails! Mostly because when you were a Roman slave you had the choice between doing it or being pushed down the cliff … In this new episode Spartacus was commended by his masters to make love to a rich woman, and he did!So during the preparation, Spartacus had to be covered with gold by other slaves.

Of course the all masquerade makes sense in the story even tho by now we know that Andy Whitfield has a play that part which involved a full frontal scene."Obviously Kenya is doing something right, because that's all people can talk about is Kenya! "Chateau Sheree needs its own show," Sheree hinted to Andy."It gets more press than most of your Housewives! Apparently Toya Bush-Harris from Married to Medicine is one of the many who stalk Chateau Sheree and offered to buy it. Sheree says she has "gotten a check" for child support and their relationship is a "work in progress" but they are "working on it." Oh – and in case you were wondering She By Sheree is "on hold" while Sheree focuses on her family and pursues a full-time job of taking Atlanta bloggers to court. "It's definitely something I'm gonna come back to," Sheree promises. " Andy tried to encourage Sheree to start dating Walter Jackson." Ne Ne is stabbing her Sheree voodoo doll right now. Sheree, thinking it could be her comeback moment, had a flicker of 'maybe' but then grimaced and asked Andy to suggest "somebody else!, they did both parent their son after he was pulled over for driving under the influence.Sheree was scared and concerned for her son’s safety, especially since so many African-American men had been shot by white police officers.

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