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She credits her mother’s support and unconditional love for all her success in professional and personal life. Therefore, she chooses to wear outfits that are not just profession but also age appropriate.

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She often makes guest appearances for CNN, Tru TV, and E! The number of viewership soars like anything when she covers such events. Open minded, fearless and extremely outspoken, Jane has an entirely different aura than other journalists in industry. Though of a short height, her accomplishments and her obsession to make an impact in the real world is something unmatchable.

You’re intelligent, you’re educated, you’re investigative, yet it took you a long time to [realize you are a lesbian]. ”Velez-Mitchell’s answer: “Denial is a powerful thing.

You don’t live in the backwoods, you don’t believe the myths about the gay and lesbian lifestyle being a choice. The drumbeat of heterosexuality is strong, and before you know it, you’re swept up in its tide.

The second guest on the show was Barbara, a 39-year-old lesbian that began to question her sexual orientation after she’d undergone IVF to have a baby. Phil, “I’ve never questioned this part of my identity before in my life, and I’ve gone through a lot of different issues and questioned a lot of other things, so for this to be something I’m questioning is a little troubling.”The first thing Dr.

Phil asked her was if she really is sexually attracted to men, or if she feels a societal pressure to get a husband and a white picket fence, so that her daughter can have a fulfilling life. Phil advised her to relax, and realize that, five months out of pregnancy, her hormones are still wacky, and maybe it’s probably not the best time to start questioning something you’ve known since you were 13. Barbara was so obviously relieved by what Denise was saying that it made me wonder who puts more pressure on bisexuals: heterosexuals or the LGBT community? Phil and Denise agreed that Barbara should try to spend this time getting to know and enjoy her baby. Phil cautioned her not to buy into the myth that a child needs a mother and a father to grow up properly.

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