Who is lee dong wook dating

Li Yi Feng explained that he was madly in love with that girlfriend but she was the one who broke up with him.He even flew to her country to try and make the relationship work but it was a no go.I also watched the actual media event to make sure my baby boy said what he said. On the promotional trail for the upcoming mega action-packed and stuffed-to-the-gills cast wuxia , leading man Li Yi Feng either (1) decided to be honest or (2) had a momentary scripted answer lapse, when asked about his heartbreaks the adorable rising Chinese actor admitted having his heart broken after dating a fellow actress from overseas that the media is connecting to Lee Da Hae who he was rumored to be cozy with two years ago when he filmed the C-dramaand shouldn’t surprise any fan of Li Yi Feng or Lee Da Hae.

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He spent a day just sitting on the sofa in a daze without eating, drinking, or sleeping, absolutely brokenhearted that it was really over. He is best known for his leading roles in the television dramas My Girl, La Dolce Vita, Scent of a Woman, and Goblin.Making his debut in 1999, Lee Dong Wook had acted in a number of TV series before hitting stardom in 2005 hit romantic comedy My Girl. Also the team behind the drama isn’t that assuring either but honestly I am unexpectedly more happy about this news compared to the previous one mainly because I do like the sound of the character offered to our girl here more.A tough relatable character in a female centeric story, being in charge of her own life and not just a plot device is a big plus in my book even if the premise is nothing special.

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