Who is mickey rourke dating now

From 1964 to 1973, Rourke compiled an amateur boxing record of 27 wins (17 by knockout) and 3 defeats.At one point, he reportedly scored 12 consecutive first-round knockouts.For one thing, the 62-year-old actor had most of his longish gray hair pushed back and up, a la Ryan Cabrera in the early aughts.He also had on a white deep-V-neck T-shirt, which offered a peek at some of the ink on his tanned chest. Rourke reportedly lost around 35 pounds last year while training for a boxing match against an opponent more than 30 years his junior.At the age of 12, Rourke won his first boxing match as an 118-pound bantamweight, defeating Javier Villanueva.Some of his early matches were fought as Andre Rourke.His boxing career resulted in severe facial injuries that required a number of operations to repair his damaged face.Rourke went back to acting but worked in relative obscurity until he won a Golden Globe Award for his role as Randy "The Ram" Robinson in The Wrestler (2008). READ MORE Lenny Dykstra says he's done trading insults with Mickey Rourke -- AND NOW HE WANTS TO FIGHT!!!

Rourke's teenage years were more aimed toward sports more than acting.Rourke was trained by former pro-boxer Freddie Roach at Miami Beach's 5th Street Gym and the Outlaw Boxing Club Gym in Los Angeles.He made 0 for his pro debut, but by the end of his second year of boxing, he had earned a million dollars.As an amateur, Rourke had been friendly with pro-boxer Tommy Torino.When Rourke decided to return to boxing as a professional in 1991, Torino promoted some of Rourke's fights.

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